People who engage in gaming always seek the same thing, an impeccable gaming experience. When one plays for the first time, he finds gaming automatically interesting, and the person can spend unending hours trying to win and become the best gamer. But following the same routine months or even years doing the same thing can make it boring. Moreover, the level of engagement gets terribly down by months or years of familiarity.

When such a scenario sets in, it is time to use bots to enhance the experience of gaming. With an array of bots, one can automate functions that range from listening and downloading music while gaming, to engaging in live chats in the gaming room. Bots are designed to accomplish this with some being multipurpose and others having specialised tasks.

  • Types of bots
  • General purpose bots: these bots perform a wide range of tasks and also enable increased engagement in gaming. Examples include Aethex and Vexera.
  • Engagement bots: these bots increase the level of engagement in gaming through ways such as increasing the XP in the game, automating live chat and even moderating language, and facilitating interaction between the members. These bots include Mee6, Nightbot and AnthBot.
  • Music bots: gaming with one’s playlist on not only relaxes the mind, but also inspires the gamer. This is exactly what music bots do. Aside from playing audios and videos, they also automate downloads, enabling one to continue playing games uninterrupted. And when one seeks unconventional sounds such as the horns, there are bots just for that. Music bots include dabBot, Music Bot, and Airhorn Solutions.
  • Automatic gaming bots: sometimes, one needs time to relax, without losing the current game. In these moments, bots like Discord Dungeons automate gaming, playing for a number of hours. During these moments, the gamer can take a nap or even switch tasks.