When human beings experience difficulty, they devise every possible mechanism of solving it. This is how computers came about. Today, competition is based on the capability to come up with more sophisticated software.

The infiltration of computer software solutions now covers every industry, including gambling. One can easily play against a computer program without even knowing it, because of the advancements in computer programming and artificial intelligence. Such software is widely known as bots.

To correctly define it, bots are computer programs that can be downloaded with instruction manuals that detail their usage. They use their knowledge of the game and of the player in an attempt to win against real human beings in a gaming session. The win is achieved through the optimisation of a particular strategy, and this only takes place in certain situations.

Users of bots are people who are unable to win games in normal scenarios by themselves. They are also used by players who have an intention of continuously winning against new gamers who may not have mastered the art of gaming, and the use of various strategies and skill to win. In simple language, bots can and have been used to gain unfair advantages.

Given that gaming involves a solution to various probability problems, these bots work their way through a number of theorems. It happens in a way that the person playing against bots may not even notice it, except for the sustenance of a series of losses. In games involving more than one person, such as poker, one may even find himself unknowingly playing against numerous bots.

After a number of years of study, it has been established that games with bots have certain similar characteristics. First, the player appears to make decisions in identical patterns and with amazing precision. This kind of precision may not be humanly possible to achieve. Also, one can become suspicious when the other player never communicates throughout the gaming session.