The choice of video game bots greatly depends on the type of game that the user intends to play, the level of involvement of the user in the game setting, the type of tasks that the bots are intended to carry out and the level of sophistication these tasks require. Generally, these considerations need various features of bots. In most cases, people involved in video gaming understand these requirements and their implications for gaming.

First, video game bots are classified as either FPS or the MMORPG where the former refers to the case where only a single user is involved and the latter refers to the case where numerous players are involved. In the same way, bots designed for FPS are distinct from those that are designed for MMORPG. The difference is in the sense that while the tasks assigned to bots in FPS environment may include mapping, those assigned to the MMORPG environment tend to perform repetitive functions.

Another difference lies in the level of complexity of the bots. One of the unique features of the bots used in the FPS environment is that they try to behave like humans, mimicking human characters and decision-making. In that way, they appear almost like the perfect replacement of humans in such gaming scenarios. The higher complexity of the bots used in FPS environments could be due to continued development which may not have applied in MMORPG environments because of the prohibition to use bots, although a number of people still use them.

Another classification is based on the static or dynamic nature of the bots. While static bots are programmed to follow certain points in the game, the dynamic ones incorporate some sense of learning. Further, there are bots that carry both static and dynamic nature. There is a high possibility that the features aforementioned will be different in the situation where the content is created by a community of researchers or programmers.