Casinos accept and reject the use of bots in equal measure. Those that reject the use of bots use every means at their disposal to ensure that non-human players are forced out of gaming tables as soon as they are discovered. This is done through thorough investigation and closing of all accounts which have previously used by non-human means of playing and winning online casino games. Some of the ways through which the bots are detected include:

The use of CAPTCHA

These are images which take the form of alphabetical letters, numbers, and pictures, which users have to unravel to confirm that they are not bots. This is usually done at the start of the game or at predetermined intervals.

Tweaking the house’s software

Gaming companies which do not allow bots continuously change their software in order to make the gaming website incompatible with the bots.

Analysing the characteristics of a gamer

Because it is not possible for a gamer to play continuously and for very long periods of time, those who appear to play for much longer become prime suspects for investigation of whether it is a real human or bots.

As these companies work in every way to deter the use of bots, there are other betting companies that allow automated gaming. The bots are sometimes inbuilt and embedded on the website, giving an option of auto-play and auto-bet. The practice is particularly popular among online dice games.

For people who prefer to use their own bots, there is an equal chance of winning and losing using the bots. Since their usage is dependent on statistical analysis and mathematical theories, a number of factors play a role in their effectiveness. First, getting the right bots is of great significance. Some bots may not have been programmed well, and therefore may not help in winning. Also, even with good software, it has to be configured right. Otherwise, the user may incur losses instead of profits.